1. To  provide direction on the Church’s work of mission and evangelism, and to assist her carry out this work, in her calling of men and women to faith and discipleship, to be consistent with her nature and vocation as a historic faith-community;
  2. To  present  before  the  Church  the  needs  and  opportunities  for  the  exercise  of  mission   and evangelism, and to challenge her to engage in various programmes and activities which  meaningfully respond to the Christian imperative to witness and proclaim Christ in various times and contexts;
  3. To  facilitate  for  the  Church  the  common  witness  and  the  sharing  of  resources, insights  and experiences  of the local churches in the work of mission and evangelism, and to  help equip them to fulfill such calling in their respective places or localities;
  4. To explore for the Church new forms  and  avenues of evangelism, taking cognizance the significance of  the  dialogue  between  gospel and culture, so  that the witness, proclamation and celebration of the Christian message may reach out all peoples and nations at all times;
  5. To  design  for  the  Church strategies, plans and projections for mission expansion, for domestic and abroad,   in   coordination   with   proper   bodies,  and  to  conduct  campaign  for   education  and implementation of the same in the local churches and other organizations of the Church;
  6. To clarify   for the Church issues pertaining to the nature, practice and understanding of mission and evangelism,  and  to review policies on the same as approved by the Executive Commission or by the General Assembly;
  7. To  receive  for  the  Church  program proposals for the work of mission and evangelism for the local churches  or  from  other  church  organizations ,  and recommend the same for endorsement of the Executive  Commission  or  General  Assembly  before  submission  to  church  partners  or  to other ecumenical bodies or networks;
  8. To  monitor  for  the  Church  the  response  to ,  and implementation of, the appropriate resolutions concerning mission, and evangelism passed by the Executive Commission or the General Assembly;
  9. To perform other functions or tasks as may be assigned to it by the Executive Commission or by the General Assembly.