1. To  gather  suggestions,  criticisms,  recommendations  on the Filipino Missal and Ritual and liturgical materials for possible incorporation to the proposed revised Filipino Missal and Ritual.
  2. To  present  to  the  General  Assembly  through  the Supreme Council of Bishops and the Executive Commission recommendations regarding the Liturgy of the Church;
  3. To decide questions on the Liturgy;
  4. To furnish advice to interested parties of the church on matters involving the liturgy of the church;
  5. To  explore  ways  and  means  whereby  liturgical  services  of the church will be expressive of and responsive to the demands of the gospel;
  6. To  enable the church appreciate, internalize and concretize the liturgical perspective of the church historical background;
  7. To collate and adopt all IFI composed hymns, songs (old and new);
  8. To come up with alternative liturgical forms which are responsive of the people’s aspirations.