1. To  determine  the  present  and future needs for ministry in the church, in the enlistment, formation and selection of persons  for  the ministry; and in the guidance, training and care of all other church workers, lay ministers, etc.;
  2. To  implement  a  continuing  program  for general Christian education and nurture in all levels of the Church;
  3. To  establish  a program for continuing theological education of the clergy and theological education by extension for the lay;
  4. To provide direction, supervise and assist the administrations of all IFI seminaries and schools;
  5. To  encourage  and provide the lay various opportunities to exercise their own unique ministry in the total life and work of the church;
  6. To  supervise  the  chaplaincy  service  of the church for the adequate and effective ministry to our Church members in the military, police force, prison, hospitals, schools, etc.