1. Design  a  plan  of  viable  development programs  and  projects  for the whole for submission to and approval of the Executive Commission.
  2. Plan  and  supervise the implementation of development programs and projects included in its general plan.
  3. Coordinate other development programs and projects on the diocesan and parish levels.
  4. Receive  reports from programs holders and Church-related development programs and submit regular annual reports of its activities to the Executive Commission.
  5. Implement the programs and projects of social concerns and services as spelled out and prioritized in the Comprehensive National Program.
  6. Establish continuing program for development education among dioceses.
  7. Develop  new  programs  for  development  and  services  that  will benefit the sectors and the local churches.
  8. Supervise all church and church-related development programs based in regions and dioceses.
  9. Establish  linkages  with  development  agencies and facilitate the sharing of resources between and among the dioceses for church development programs and services.