The Desk on Real Estate and Asset Management (DREAM) was established by the Executive Commission to work in the area of real estate and property development. DREAM complements the program department of the Obispado Maximo, attending to the comprehensive development of properties of the Church and in assisting the local churches in matters that pertain to the management and utilization of real assets and properties.

A Comprehensive Real Estate Development Program has been formulated to provide the overarching framework that guides the present works of DREAM. Its components include the inventory and data banking of real assets and properties of the Church, securing documents of ownership, and identifying properties for infrastructure or income generating projects.

DREAM is assisted by counterpart committees in responding to issues in the grassroots. These diocesan committees play significant roles in effectively coordinating the real assets and properties concerns of individual local churches with DREAM.

2008-2010 General Plan of Action

General Objective:

To safeguard and develop real estate properties of the Iglesia Filipina Independiente.

Specific Objectives:

  1. To educate the general constituency on the property development program of the Church.
  2. To identify and determine real estate properties of the Church.
  3. To develop and equip with appropriate knowledge the facilitators and volunteers for the property development program of the Church.
  4. To establish linkages with the local churches on matters pertaining to property development.
  5. To develop support groups and institutions for property development.
  6. To secure property ownership and possession of real estate properties of the Church.
  7. To develop a financial support system for the property development program of the Church.