The  Church  has  three  important  Councils  that  are represented in the General Assembly. These are the Supreme Council of Bishops,  the  Council  of  Priests  and  the  National  Lay Council. These play important leadership roles in setting the direction of the Church and in pursuing institutional development for the work of mission.

  • Supreme Council of Bishops
    The Supreme Council of Bishops (SCB), which consists of all serving and retired bishops, defines the doctrines of the Church, adopts and prescribes official liturgical rites, and gives pastoral and moral guidance to the faithful.
  • Council of Priests
    The Council of Priests is composed of all priest-delegates to the General Assembly. It elects a Chairperson, a Vice Chairperson and a Secretary for an office of three years. The Council of Priests promotes the welfare of priests and represents their concerns to the General Assembly.
  • National Lay Council
    The National Lay Council is composed of the men, women and youth delegates of every diocese represented in the General Assembly. It works to promote and enhance the participation of the laity in the governance and general affairs of the Church.